Friday, July 28, 2017

Who Knew PA was so Amazing?

May 26 - 30, 2017

Driving out of DE and into PA was a gradual greening process with increasing trees and farmlands along the roads.  I pulled into WM and pulled up the National Parks website to plan my time.  Valley Forge is not from from Philadelphia and I gotta say, local residents are extremely lucky.  Not only is it free, the park is laced with hiking and biking trails that take you over historic sites and through some very pretty scenery.  It's very much like a huge city park, but with guys wearing odd clothing.  Again, I took no pics.  I need to avoid getting blase about seeing cool things.

Hopewell Furnace is another fun place to visit with restored buildings that tell the history of forging iron in PA.

Plus I got lost while driving and took a few side trips through farmland on small, windy roads over tiny bridges.

Found some "grown in Pennsylvania" apples from Yakima.

Another "Walmart adapts" sign.  Parking for those that arrive in a buggy (Amish country).

View from that same WM

Idea was good but the chips were nasty.  More like extra salty barbecue chips.

Bo has decided that with all the driving his best bet is to start eating when I sit in the driver's seat and stuff as much in as possible before the vehicle starts.  Poor starvling.

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