Tuesday, July 25, 2017

A Big F***ing Bridge

May 10 -16, 2017

I wanted to see the ponies on Assateague Island and was hoping to connect with a friend in New Jersey, both of which required crossing a really, really long bridge.  To delay the crossing I planned to camp overnight at the boat launch for the Great Dismal Swamp (because how can you pass up visiting a place with that name?) but Mr. Ranger politely asked me if I thought I was planning on camping there, and I just as politely so "No!  Of course not!  This is a parking area!"

Oh well.  At least I got a few pictures.

Just as well, I guess.  People that stayed in the real campgrounds left reviews complaining that it was like sleeping in a swamp.  Gee.

Now for that bridge.  I never quite realized this before, but I seem to have a thing about driving over bridges - and not a good thing.  Even the small ones are a little freaky and the Chesapeake Bay Bridge crosses, well, an entire bay.

It's 23 miles of bridge and tunnel (they made islands in the bay to anchor two tunnels) with a minimum speed (strictly enforced, according to the signs) and a sturdy breeze that all watery places seem to have.  I fell below the 50 mph limit coming up out of the tunnels (well what did they expect?  Stupid steep tunnels) but managed to be reasonably speedy the rest of the way.  There really weren't any gusts of wind but I was so intent on not being blown sideways IF a gust hit that I was pretty tense the whole drive.  Luckily there's a rest stop at the end that allows 48 hour parking.  I stayed one night and met a lovely gentleman who told me he's been rving for 25 years and offered up all kinds of advice. 

Deep breaths.  No bridges for a while.

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